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6-7 July 2015: Global dialogue on the future of productivity: Towards an OECD Productivity Network

Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s Minister of Finance and Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD will co-host a "Global Dialogue on the Future of Productivity: Towards an OECD Productivity Network", with a welcoming by H.E. Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico, in Mexico City. This conference will bring key experts from the academic and policymaking community to facilitate research synergies and sharing of lessons on the promotion of higher productivity growth as well as share their views on the creation of an OECD Productivity Network.

Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth

‌‌‌This year’s report launched on the first day of the G20 finance ministers’ meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. It identifies and assesses progress that countries have made on key reforms to boost long-term growth, improve competitiveness and productivity and create jobs.

 Do environmental policies matter for productivity growth?

This study presents new evidence on the role of environmental policies - stringency, as well as design and implementation features - for productivity growth.         


Do house prices impact consumption and interest rate? Evidence from OECD countries using an agnostic identification procedure

Growth Policies and Macroeconomic Stability

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