PISA 2015 Results

Excellence and Equity in Education (Volume I)
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Policies and Practices for Successful Schools (Volume II)
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Students' Well-Being (Volume III)
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Students' Financial Literacy (Volume IV)

Collaborative Problem Solving (Volume V)

PISA 2015 Results in Focus
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Volumes I-II:  French | Spanish

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PISA 2018 assessment

The OECD PISA global competence framework. Young people need to be able to navigate this ever increasinly interconnected world and appreciate and benefit from different cultures. In 2018, PISA will assess these global competences for the first time.  The OECD PISA global comptetence framework outlines the theory behind the assessment. It describes four underpinning dimensions of global competence that people need to apply in their everyday life and suggests ways in which educators can integrate global and intercultural issues in their curriculem.

Test questions from the PISA 2018 Field Trial. These are  examples of the test the 15-year-olds took in the PISA 2018 Field Trial. 

Participating countries and economies

PISA 2015 Results by Country