Development Centre Governing Board

Working together to find solutions to global challenges.

An inclusive, global forum

The Governing Board is the Development Centre’s supervisory body. Members interact on an equal footing to exchange on their development experiences, decide on the Centre’s priorities, and enrich its work, with a view to accelerating progress towards global sustainable development.

=> Read the full mandate (adopted by the Council on 23 October 1962)

How the Board works

Programme of Work

Every two years, members decide on the Programme of Work and Budget of the Development Centre. Together, they mandate the secretariat to:

  • Identify and frame issues critical to the global development dialogue, including in the context of the G20 Development Working Group
  • Provide rigorous independent analysis and evidence on issues of common interest
  • Mobilise and translate OECD and global expertise to support policy makers worldwide
  • Mobilise knowledge from around the world to influence OECD thinking on development


The Board holds High Level Meetings (HLM) to discuss how to address major, global development challenges and review the Centre’s work. In between HLMs, the Board holds regular meetings of Paris-based Ambassadors.

Networks and peer learning

Members participate actively in the Centre’s many specialised policy dialogue platforms, which frequently involve representatives from countries that are not members of the Centre and invite the participation of private actors, civil society organisations, UN bodies and other multilateral development organisations. These complement the Centre’s engagement with policy makers from Africa, Asia and Latin America.


The Governing Board of the Development Centre is an OECD body, chaired by an Ambassador from an OECD country and reporting to the OECD Council. It comprises 54 countries from across continents and levels of development, beyond OECD members. The European Union also takes part in the work. The Board is currently chaired by Ambassador Manuel Escudero, Permanent Representative of Spain to the OECD.


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