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  • 7th edition of the International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean

    The 7th edition of the International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean provides the opportunity to discuss challenges and to share solutions regarding sustainable economic development in the region. The Forum will take place Friday 5 June, Paris.

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  • Securing Livelihoods for All

    The world has made good progress in improving global livelihoods. More than two billion people have emerged from extreme poverty over the last four decades. This book presents five possible future scenarios for livelihoods, whose positive or negative outcomes depend on how several emerging challenges are dealt with. It concludes with ideas for global, national and local action that hold significant promise for securing resilient livelihoods for all.

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  • Social Institutions and Gender Index

    The Global launch of the 2014 edition of the Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) in Oslo will aim to provide a global platform to raise international awareness of including discriminatory social norms in a post-2015 framework.

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The Development Centre occupies a unique place within the OECD and in the international community. It is a forum where countries come to share their experience of economic and social development policies. The Centre contributes expert analysis to the development policy debate. The objective is to help decision makers find policy solutions to stimulate growth and improve living conditions in developing and emerging economies.

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Media advisory: Launch of the African Economic Outlook 2015

Action is needed to secure future livelihoods in developed and emerging economies, says the OECD Development Centre

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