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  • Global Forum on Development 2015

    The Global Forum on Development - Post-2015 financing for sustainable development, will take place 1 April at the headquarters of the OECD.

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  • Revenue Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Tax revenues in Latin America and the Caribbean have remained stable in 2013 and continue to be considerably lower, as a proportion of national incomes, than in most OECD countries, says the latest Revenue Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean

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  • Social Institutions and Gender Index

    The Global launch of the 2014 edition of the Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) in Oslo will aim to provide a global platform to raise international awareness of including discriminatory social norms in a post-2015 framework.

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The Development Centre occupies a unique place within the OECD and in the international community. It is a forum where countries come to share their experience of economic and social development policies. The Centre contributes expert analysis to the development policy debate. The objective is to help decision makers find policy solutions to stimulate growth and improve living conditions in developing and emerging economies.







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Action is needed to secure future livelihoods in developed and emerging economies, says the OECD Development Centre

Securing Livelihoods for All report to be released at OECD Global Forum on Development - Tuesday 31 March 2015

Mejoras en educación y en el desarrollo de las competencias son fundamentales para impulsar el crecimiento inclusivo en Chile y en el resto de América Latina   

Latin America and the Caribbean: Tax revenues remain stable

Revenue statistics in Africa: Five more countries join the initiative

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