Teachers' Professional Learning (TPL) Study

The TPL study examines the policy environments that support the professional growth of teachers by exploring common strengths, challenges and innovations in participating countries. It is designed to provide policy makers with rapid feedback, improve the evidence base and facilitate international peer learning. To this end, the TPL study examines research, policies and practices related to initial teacher preparation (initial teacher education and the first years in teaching) and continuing professional learning in its various forms.

Countries joining the TPL study can choose to participate in one or both of two strands:

STRAND I: Initial Teacher Preparation

STRAND II: Continuing Professional Learning

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Brochure: how to participate in the study with a country diagnosis

Areas of Work

The TPL study's methodology is based on a SWOT policy diagnosis designed to provide policy makers with rapid feedback and opportunities for international peer learning.

Participation involves the completion of a focused Country Background Report and a diagnostic visit involving interviews with a wide rand of stakeholders and visits to schools and institutions. At the end of the visit, initial findings are presented at a workshop and published in a short diagnostic report.

The TPL study builds on and expands the scope of the OECD Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP) Study (2016 - 18), whose outcomes are presented on the interactive Teacher Ready! platform.

Strand I of the TPL study focusses on six themes in Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP). It explores how countries:

Attract the most suitable candidates into Initial Teacher Education (ITE)
Select the most suitable candidates into ITE
Equip prospective teachers with knowledge and skills
Deliver ITE programmes effectively
Certify, select and hire new teachers
Support beginning teachers

Strand II of the TPL study explores policies that support teacher's Continuing Professional Leaning (CPL), focusing on five analytical dimensions:

Motivation: What motivates teachers to engage in CPL?
Access: How do teachers access CPL?
Provision: How and by whom is CPL provided?
Content: How are CPL contents selected to match needs?
Quality: How is the quality of CPL ensured?

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News and Events

The first OECD country reports on teachers’ professional learning are now available: 
 - Flemish Community of Belgium 
 - Wales

In January 2021, the OECD launched a new umbrella project on schooling, teachers and teaching. Read the project description.

The second project meeting of the Teachers’ Professional Learning Study was held virtually on 23 June 2020 back-to-back with the annual meeting of the Group of National Experts on School Resources on 22 June 2020.

The launch meeting of the OECD Teachers’ Professional Learning (TPL) Study was held on 27-28 June 2019 in Paris.

Did you know?

G7 ministers in Sèvres (4 July 2019) jointly affirmed their goal to

“promote access to individual and collective professional development, as part of a progressive and coherent continuum”

Meet the team

Deborah Nusche, project lead
Luka Boeskens, analyst
Andreea Minea-Pic, analyst
Makito Yurita, analyst

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