Education Policy Outlook Reforms Finder



The Education Policy Reforms Finder contains information about more than 1 600 education policy reforms in 38 education systems. The database incorporates information published in the OECD Education Policy Outlook country policy profiles and comparative reports that has been gathered in co-operation with OECD and partner countries. To facilitate research, the data are organised by target of reform–students, educational insitutions and education systems–and by theme—including disadvantaged students, learning environments, quality of teachers, and school-to-work transitions.

User tips:

  • Click on a country in the 1st chart to see the corresponding information on Education Policy Theme in the 2nd chart, as well as all relevant information presented in the table below, notably, a link to the most recent EPO publication that provides data on the selected country.
  • The charts are interactive; to see a list of all policies related to a particular lever, click on it in the legend of the 1st chart. The other two charts will change accordingly. To see policies related to a certain lever and in a certain country, click on the corresponding colour in the bar graph for that country. To filter policies by policy theme, click on the theme you wish to explore in the 2nd chart. Hover over these themes to see their full title. Clear all search settings by clicking in any white space in the 1st or 2nd charts.
  • Finetune your policy search by using the filter bar, located to the right of the Reforms Finder. Select multiple filters by holding down the CTRL button. Clear your filters by clicking on the eraser icon.
  • To see policies adopted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, select the asterisk in the filter pane for the filter "COVID Response." To facilitate visualisation of the table of policies, select "Focus mode" (upper right corner of the table), or "full-screen mode" (bottom of the page).



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