• 26-March-2012

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    Quality Matters in Early Childhood Education and Care - Finland

    This publication is intended to be a quick reference guide for anyone with a role to play in encouraging quality in Finland’s early childhood education and care (ECEC) workforce.

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  • 4-June-2010


    Coping with the job crisis and preparing for ageing: The case of Finland

    Maintaining high participation and employment in the face of the recent recession and a rapidly ageing population are major challenges for policy makers in Finland.

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  • 17-May-2010

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    ICT in Initial Teacher Training - Finland: Country report

    This report is the Finnish national report for the OECD-project “ICT in initial teacher training”. The OECD study compares 10 countries, and is a project strand within the OECD/CERI project New Millennium Learners.

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  • 10-March-2010

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    Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2010 - Finland Country Note

    This note is taken from Chapter 3 of Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2010.

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  • 3-June-2009

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    OECD Thematic Review on Migrant Education International Questionnaire: Migrant Education Policies in Response to Longstanding Diversity - Finland

    As part of the OECD review on migrant education, countries were invited to provide information on their national migrant education policies.

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  • 3-March-2009

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    Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2009 - Finland Country Note

    This note, taken from Chapter 3 of Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2009, contains information about the progress in implementing reforms in line with the 2008 priorities for Finland.

  • 8-January-2009

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    Digital learning resources as systemic innovation - Finland report

    The purpose of this review is to provide an overview and analysis of the use of digital learning resources (DLR) in Finnish schools and, based on this, to review and evaluate the process of innovation in a broad range of related policies projects and initiatives.

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  • 28-August-2008


  • 18-September-2007

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    Education at a Glance 2007 - Briefing Note Finland

    This note contrasts key findings for Finland with global trends among OECD countries, under the headings: quantity and quality challenges, equity challenges, and resource and efficiency challenges.

  • 31-May-2007

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    Equity in Education Thematic Review Country Analytical Report - Finland

    The Finns regard education as very important. In a survey in 1993-94 Finnish adults were asked how they consider the Finnish comprehensive school to have succeeded in reaching its core objectives (3). Up to 66% of the adult respondents considered the school to have succeeded in developing skills and knowledge which support students in their further studies, as well as in promoting study motivation (60%), mediating a healthy lifestyle

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