OECD Peer Reviews of Competition Law and Policy: Mexico 2020


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13 February 2020 


Mexico underwent a peer review of its competition law and policy in 2019. Before this review, a first OECD study of Mexico’s competition regime was made in 1998, followed by a peer review of Mexico's competition law and policy in 2004 by the OECD Competition Committee and funded by the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2007 and 2012, Mexico was one of a group of Latin American countries that volunteered to undergo follow-up peer reviews. 

The report describing and assessing the development of Mexico’s competition regime and the evolution of competition policy over the last few years, in particular since the 2013 reform, will be available on 13 February 2020 on this page. 



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“Peer reviews” are a core element of the OECD work. The mechanisms of peer reviews vary, but it is founded upon the willingness of a country to submit its laws and policies to substantive questioning by other peers.

The process provides valuable insights into the country under study, getting to the heart of ways in which each country deals with competition and regulatory issues, from the soundness of its competition laws to the structure and effectiveness of its competition institutions.

Moreover, these reviews incorporate recommendations for changes in government policy.

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Since 2003, the OECD and the Inter-American Development Bank have collaborated on a series of reviews of competition policy and law in Latin America. Most of these reviews are performed during the Latin American Competition Forum which is held every year in a different country in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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