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Algorithms and competition: Friends or foes?

Algorithms are increasingly pervasive in our lives and firms increasingly rely on algorithms in their daily activities for pricing and planning purposes. Can algorithms enhance firms’ performances? Can they harm consumers? Can they be used to fix prices or to exclude competitors? What can competition authorities and regulators do to mitigate these risks?   On 6 March, the OECD Competition Open Day held a panel of international experts from academia and enforcement agencies to explore these and other fascinating legal and policy questions around algorithms.

The session, available on replay below, moderated by Antonio Capobianco (Deputy Head of the OECD Competition Division), had as invited speakers: Michal Gal (Professor of Law, Haifa University), Maarten Pieter Schinkel (Professor or Economics, University of Amsterdam) and Ryan Tansey (Section Chief, US DOJ, Washington Criminal I Section).

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