Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector

Integrity in Public Procurement: Good Practice from A to Z


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 Publication date: 
 27 April 2007

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 Pages: 171


Of all government activities, public procurement is most vulnerable to corruption.  As public procurement is a key economic activity of governments - estimated at around 15% of GDP, this has a Major impact on how taxpayers’ money is spent.

This publication offers practical insights into how the profession of procurement is evolving to cope with the growing demand for integrity, drawing on the experience of procurement practitioners as well as audit, competition and anti-corruption specialists.

The book provides, for the first time, a comparative overview of practices meant to enhance integrity throughout the whole procurement cycle, from needs assessment to contract management.  It also includes numerous ’elements of good practice’ identified not only in OECD countries but also in Brazil, Chile, Dubai, India, Pakistan, Romania, Slovenia and South Africa.


What readers say about this book


- From government:

"I am confident the report will assist senior procurement officials from both member and non-member OECD countries in their ongoing efforts to improve their acquisition systems.  Without question, it is the most comprehensive international report on procurement best practices that has been produced.   My sincere congratulations on a lasting contribution to the international acquisition community."


Robert A. Burton, Deputy Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy in the Executive Office of the President of the United States and Chair of the Expert Group on Integrity in Public Procurement


- From the private sector:

"I want to congratulate you on the exceptional quality of your work."

Patricia Josefchak, Associate Director, Corporate Management, Bell Security Solutions, Canada


- From civil society:

"I wish to tell you that you have done an excellent job in pulling together such a rich mass of material and to present it in a form that should be most helpful to procurement people around the globe. Congratulations!"

Michael Wiehen, Member of the Advisory Council, Transparency International Germany


Table of contents

I.   Risks to Integrity at each stage of the Public Procurement Process

  • Pre-bidding: Starting from needs assessment
  • Bidding
  • Post bidding: Taking in contract management and payment

2.  Promoting Transparency: Potentials and Limitations

  • Balancing the need for transparency with other considerations
  • Before, during and after the bidding: What level of transparency
    for each stage?
  • Exceptions to competitive procedures: How to ensure integrity?

3.   Enhancing Professionalism to Prevent Risks to Integrity in Public Procurement

  • Using public funds according to the purposes intended
  • A changing environment: Enabling procurement officials to adapt
  • Preventing conflict of interest and corruption

4.  Ensuring Accountability and Control in Public Procurement

  • Accurate records: A pre-condition for accountability and control
  • Internal control: A management instrument for improvement
  • External audit: An independent review
  • Taking a risk-based approach
  • Challenging procurement decisions: Complaint and recourse mechanisms
  • Ensuring public scrutiny

Elements of Good Practice



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