Career Guidance for Adults in Canada

In the context of considerable labour market change, many adults in Canada are being challenged to consider alternative career paths, and to upskill or retrain. Career guidance has the potential to facilitate employment transitions: not only from the education system to the labour market, but also from unemployment to employment, and from declining to growing sectors. This study assesses the career guidance services that are available for adults in Canada, and puts them into an international perspective. New survey data show that Canada performs well in an OECD comparison with respect to the quality of career guidance, but there is room to strengthen the provision and accessibility of services. The report provides concrete recommendations to encourage greater and more inclusive use of adult career guidance, and to promote high-quality service provision.

Available from February 28, 2022

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Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Career guidance to support the recovery in Canada
Fostering a greater and more inclusive use of career guidance in Canada
Promoting high-quality career guidance service provision in Canada
Annexes3 chapters available
Responses to policy questionnaires
Methodology note on the Survey of Career Guidance for Adults
Sensitivity analysis
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