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OECD Toolkit on Teaching for Diversity


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Recent research suggests that in many OECD school systems, teachers report a pressing need for more support for addressing diversity issues in their classrooms (TALIS 2009).

How can teachers be equipped and supported to effectively teach increasingly diverse classrooms?

This OECD Toolkit on Teaching for Diversity is not a definitive manual, and will not have an answer for every challenge faced in diverse classrooms and schools. It is instead designed to introduce useful concepts in teaching for diversity and to provide sample tools and activities for teachers to put into practice right away. To help as much as possible, at the end of each section we have included lists of sources consulted, web resources and further reading you might find valuable.

There are no universal solutions or specific rules for teaching for diversity. Research on good practices is limited and the topic is complex and dynamic. Teaching for diversity is a process. This Toolkit will help you to reflect on the challenges in your own context and to take the first steps towards making the most of diverse student classrooms. The tools and activities presented are designed to be tailored to individual contexts—including national context and grade level. 

This Toolkit is not intended to replace thorough teacher education and professional development.


The Toolkit is aimed primarily at:

  • Practicing teachers

The Toolkit may also be of interest to:

  • Student teachers
  • Teacher educators
  • School leaders 

Table of Contents:

  • For the Classroom:
  • For the Whole School:




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