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OECD/France Workshop - Innovation Strategy Education and Competences


7-8 December 2009

Location: International Energy Agency (IEA)

9 rue de la Fédération, 75015 Paris, France





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The OECD Innovation Strategy was launched by Ministers at their May 2007 Ministerial Council Meeting. There a mandate was given to address countries’ needs for a more comprehensive, coherent, and timely understanding of how to promote, measure and assess innovation and its underlying dynamics of change. In response, the OECD is developing a horizontal and multidisciplinary strategy for addressing the needs of countries for advice on harnessing the potential of innovation as a driver of growth and productivity, equity and development. One of the horizontal working groups of the Innovation Strategy is focussing on the role of human capital.

The work was launched with an international  on 17-18 November 2008. Country representatives and experts discussed the role of human resources in their national innovation strategies and started to discuss some national perspectives on innovation in education. The seminar emphasised the need to broaden the objectives of innovation to non-economic objectives; to examine to what extent education systems transmit behavioural and social skills as well as knowledge; to stress the importance of the intermediate level skills acquired in vocational education and training; to take into account the diversity of innovation; to highlight the importance of innovation in public services; to map the tools used to promote innovation and improvement in education and analyse their interaction. The full summary report and presentations at the meeting can be found on the workshop website.

While continuing the discussion on the skills and education required in an innovation-driven society, this OECD-France workshop put more emphasis on discussing how innovative practices could be introduced, adopted and mainstreamed within education and training systems in order to improve their learning, equity and efficiency outcomes, and to equip students with innovation skills.



This two-day workshop aimed to:

  • Discuss the main findings related to skills for innovation and their implications for education ;
  • Discuss the role of information systems and assessment for fostering innovation in education; and
  • Provide a forum for countries to share experiences on their explicit or implicit educational innovation strategies.

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