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Francesc Pedró


Senior Analyst

Francesc Pedró joined the OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) in Paris (France) in 2005. In his capacity as senior policy analyst, he is the principal administrator of the New Millennium Learners Project. He is also in charge of the reviews of educational R&D in OECD countries and a new project on Systemic Innovation in Education, which includes one strand on vocational education and training and another on digital learning resources.

Francesc (born in Barcelona in 1960) got his MEd degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a PhD in Comparative Education from UNED in Madrid). Later he did a postdoc in Comparative Education at the University of London Institute of Education. Francesc was formerly professor of comparative education and public policy at the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) and academic director of its program for educational quality. Prior to that, he acted as pro-vicechancellor of educational research and innovation at the Open University of Catalonia (Barcelona), the first Internet-based European public university.



Contact Information

2, rue André Pascal
75775 Paris, Cedex 16

[email protected]

Telephone : 33-1 45 24 80 83
Fax: 33-1 44 30 63 94



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