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Evidence in Education: Linking Research and Policy


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ISBN: 9789264033672
Publication: 12/06/2007

Pages: 180


Evidence in Education: Linking Research and Policy

Education policies and systems in all OECD countries are coming under increasing pressure to show greater accountability and effectiveness. However, the information readily available for policy-making is often unsuitable, either because the rigorous research required for policy needs has not been conducted, or because the research that is available is contradictory and does not suggest a single course of action. It is crucial that educational policy decisions are made based on the best evidence possible.

Evidence in Education: Linking Research and Policy brings together international experts on evidence-informed policy in education from a wide range of OECD countries. The report looks at the issues facing educational policy makers, researchers, and stakeholders – teachers, media, parents – in using evidence to best effect. It focuses on the challenge of effective brokering between policy makers and researchers, offers specific examples of major policy-related research, and presents perspectives from several senior politicians. This book provides a fresh outlook on key issues facing policy makers, researchers and school leaders today.

Executive Summary

There is increasing pressure across OECD countries for greater accountability and effectiveness in education policies and systems. Still, available information often does not provide the elements necessary for decision-making, either because the rigorous research relevant to policy needs has not been conducted, or the research that is available does not suggest a single course of action.

Evidence in Education: Linking Research and Policy explores the issues underlying the use of evidence in educational policy-making. It discusses what constitutes evidence for research in education, how that evidence can best be utilised, and possible solutions to challenges observed by participating countries.

Table of contents

Part One: Setting the Stage: The Evidence Agenda and Methodological Issues

  • Chapter 1. The Evidence Agenda
  • Chapter 2. What Counts and What Should Count as Evidence

Part Two: Mediating the Research/Policy Interface: The Role of Brokerage Agencies

  • Chapter 3. What Works Clearinghouse, United States
  • Chapter 4. The Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating (EPPI)
    Centre, United Kingdom
  • Chapter 5. The Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis Programme, New Zealand
  • Chapter 6. The Canadian Council on Learning, Canada
  • Chapter 7. The Knowledge Clearinghouse, Denmark
  • Chapter 8. The Knowledge Chamber, Netherlands
  • Chapter 9. The Social Care Institute for Excellence, United Kingdom

Part Three: Evidence-based Policy Research in Practice: Examples From the Field

  • Chapter 10. A Large-scale Policy Research Programme: A Canadian Experience
  • Chapter 11. Life as Learning – A Finnish National Research Programme
  • Chapter 12. The United Kingdom’s Teaching and Learning Research Programme
  • Chapter 13. Policy-driven Research and Evidence-based Educational Innovation in Singapore

Part Four: The Politicians' Perspective

  • Chapter 14. Research-based Policy-Making: The Need for a Long-term Perspective
  • Chapter 15. Evidence-based Policy: Yes, but Evidence-based Practice as Well!
  • Chapter 16. The Importance of Evidence-informed Policy Research in Education - A perspective from Wales
  • Chapter 17. Promoting Evidence-based Policy in Education: The Case of Poland


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