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What are the best ways to prepare teachers to deal with highly diverse classrooms while at the same time improve students’ learning achievements? What education and training programmes for teachers have been demonstrated to be most effective?


Teacher Education for Diversity looks at how teachers are being prepared for the increasing diversity of their classrooms. Although the challenges of increased diversity are shared by almost all OECD countries, the contexts in which they are addressed are quite different. Nevertheless regardless of different national trends, classroom diversity is increasing in all OECD countries.


This project aims to identify common challenges and benefits countries are currently experiencing in their teacher education in response to increasing cultural diversity and the effectiveness of the solutions that have been proposed.


This study focuses specifically on:

  • Pre-Service Teacher Education
  • In-Service Teacher Education
  • Training for Teacher Educators


We aim to develop an analytic framework and a toolkit that provides specific teaching and education strategies with proven effectiveness at addressing various themes.





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