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All over the OECD, governments have invested a lot in implementing ICT in schools. How come new teachers feel relatively unprepared to live up to the expectations following these implementations? Why are new teacher training institutions not doing well at providing student teachers with the required experience in this field?


To help investigate these questions, CERI has together with The Knowledge Foundation, Sweden, initiated the study “ICT and Initial Teacher Training”. The study is part of the New Millennium Learners   (NML) project The objectives of the study are:

  • To provide a detailed picture of how technology is used in initial teacher training, from a comparative perspective – .
  • To analyse the views of the main stakeholders regarding the present and future use of technology in initial teacher training – empirical study.
  • To issue a number of policy recommendations both for teacher training institutions and governments in this domain – the policies today

Below you will find information about how this strand within NML is proceeding.


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