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CERI - Final Workshop for Evidence-based Policy Research in Education


The final workshop in the series took place from 6-7 July 2006 in London with representatives of over  19  countries  and the European Commission attended a conference in London jointly organised by OECD/CERI, TLRP and the DfES entitled: Implementation, Scaling Up, and Sustainability: Continuing Discussion on Evidence-Based Policy Research in Education. The conference was the fourth and final in a series of meetings on the same subject.

The conference, held at the Bonnington Hotel, Russell Square consisted of two days of workshops, panel discussions and keynote presentations. The delegates included government ministers and policy makers and senior civil servants as well as leading academics in the field.

Keynote Presentations

Tom Schuller, Head of CERI, Directorate for Education, OECD [pdf 100K]

Ian Diamond, Chief Executive, Economic and Social Research Council [pdf 109KB]

Andrew Pollard, Director, TLRP [pdf 4,163 KB]

Astrid Wissenburg, Economic and Social Research Council [pdf 189 KB]

Panel One: The Funder Perspective: How to evaluate impact, effectiveness and sustainability

Paul Goren, Vice-President, Spencer Foundation, USA

David-Pascal Dion, Directorate General for Education and Culture, European Commission [pdf 118 KB]

Anneke Boot, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, The Netherlands

Panel Two: Country examples of the creation of brokerage agencies: strengths and weaknesses

Bill Kilgallon, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute of Excellence, UK [pdf 299 KB]

Charles Ungerleider, Director of Research, Canadian Council on Learning, Canada [pdf 142 KB]

Stefan Wolter, Director, Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education, Switzerland

Workshop: What is the value-added of programmes over a series of projects

Steve Baron, Scotland [pdf 101 KB]

Hannele Niemi, Finland [pdf 213 KB]

Adrienne Alton-Lee, New Zealand [pdf 303 KB]

Leon Feinstein, England [pdf 198 KB]

Don Jamieson, Canada [pdf 706 KB]

Trui de Ruytter, Belgium [pdf 126 KB]

Workshop: How do projects get developed to support scaling up and sustainability?

Carol McGuinness, Northern Ireland [pdf 130 KB]

David Hogan, Singapore [pdf 447 KB]

Gabor Halasz, Hungary

Brenda Taggart, England [pdf 178 KB]

Grethe Hovland, Norway [pdf 1,295 KB]

Miroslav Beblavý [pdf 32 KB]

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