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Is the current classroom model of learning “brain-unfriendly”?   Why are students failing to master numeracy and literacy skills efficiently enough to be employable?  Why are one out of six students disruptive and school-haters? 

Since 1999, CERI's  “Brain and Learning” project has been working towards a better understanding of the learning processes of an individual’s lifecycle.

The first phase of the project (1999 – 2002) brought together an international group of researchers in several fora to review potential implications of recent research findings in brain and learning sciences for policy-makers.  The results of this phase was synthesised into an OECD publication entitled: “Understanding the Brain: Towards a New Learning Science”.

The second phase (2002-2006), channelled its activities on three main issues: Literacy, Numeracy and Lifelong Learning within three trans-disciplinary and international networks, in which cognitive neuroscientists were challenged to tackle questions of direct educational relevance.  

The culmination of the Brain and Learning project is the publication "Understanding the Brain: The Birth of a Learning Science"  This enlightening publication is essential reading for all those involved in education as parents, teachers, researchers, policy makers and learners. It may confirm and illuminate what they already know from experience, but there will be surprises too. One of the aims of Understanding the Brain is to encourage dialogue between educators and neuroscientists about what each can contribute to the understanding of how we learn. An international and trans-disciplinary effort will shed new light on recurring problems in education and play a decisive role in contributing to resolving them.

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