Centre for Educational Research and Innovation - CERI

Brain and Learning: Dissemination


There will be a strong emphasis on broad dissemination and communication of the research findings by way of establishing collaborative focus groups and forums for educationalists and policy makers whereby they may challenge cognitive neuroscientists and exchange questions of educational relevance.  The rich and complex findings will be translated into practical application, in order to build more specific curricula based up brain research that will be accepted by educational policy-makers as well as practitioners and end-users. 

The publication, Understanding the Brain: Towards a New Learning Science   apart from being available in the two official languages of the Organisation (English and French), has also been translated into Spanish and will soon be available in Japanese and German.  Translations into other languages (Chinese, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian) are currently under negotiation with editors in these countries.

The project website is intended as a public forum of dissemination for scientists, educationalists, policy-makers, students and individual learners alike by way of published reports, reviews, meta-analyses and downloadable learning primer tools.  It aims to provide interactivity allowing visitors to actively contribute towards enriching the project with their feedback and views. 


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