Investment for development

NEPAD-OECD Roundtable on Strengthening Investment Climate Assessment and Reform in NEPAD Countries


  27-28 November 2007, Lusaka, Zambia 

Many African governments favour a robust investment climate. Within the context of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), the APRM Secretariat is working on improving the investment-climate content of Africa’s own peer review mechanism. African countries are also looking for more comparisons of investment climate assessment, country reform agendas and their impact in specific sectors.

Building on these areas, the roundtable's overall aim was to develop policy capacity building tools that will help NEPAD countries improve the investment related content of Africa’s peer review process (APRM) and to support implementation of investment climate reform policies, with a specific focus on the investment environment conditions conducive to attracting investment for development in the water and sanitation sector.

Expected outputs from the roundtable include:

  • A set of tested guidelines on how to complete the investment climate content of the APRM Self-Assessment questionnaire that is available to NEPAD countries, in order to support and strengthen their capacity to implement investment climate reform; 
  • Concrete suggestions on how to improve the investment climate content of the APRM Self-Assessment questionnaire;
  • The development of local capacity to develop the investment climate content of a National Programme of Action (NPA) and to mobilise the resources needed to apply and follow up on the NPA;
  • A first draft of guidelines, taking advantage of the new OECD Principles for Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure for the water and sanitation sector tailored to an African country context, in order to foster the mobilisation of additional and beneficial private sector involvement.

The roundtable was followed during the morning of 29 November 2007 by a half-day seminar which aimed to share Zambia’s recent experience on investment facilitation, based on the lessons learnt from good practices in Asia.




Roundtable organisation

From the NEPAD secretariat:
Mr Karim Khalil, Co-ordinator
e-mail [email protected]
Tel: +27 (11) 313 3625
Fax +27 (11) 313 3583

From the OECD secretariat:
Mr Jonathan Coppel
Executive Programme Manager
Investment Division
Tel: +33 1 45 24 14 47
E-mail: [email protected]

Mr Toru Homma
Project Manager
Investment Division
Tel: +33 1 45 24 84 48
E-mail: [email protected]

Ms Nana Shodu
Investment Division
Tel: +33 1 45 24 93 88
E-mail: [email protected]

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