Funded and private pensions

In focus

  • Pension Markets in Focus

    This report gives an overview of private pension systems worldwide and outlines latest developments. It assesses the amount of assets in funded and private pension plans, describes the way these assets are invested in financial markets, and looks at how investments have performed over time.

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  • OECD Pensions Outlook

    01/12/2022 - The 2022 edition focuses on describing best practices for developing mortality tables and providing policy guidance on how to design, implement and continue the operation of non-guaranteed lifetime retirement income arrangements.

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  • Strengthening Asset-backed Pension Systems in a Post-COVID World

    This publication analyses the impact COVID-19 has had on asset-backed pension arrangements and the main policies countries have implemented in response to date. It then presents policy guidelines to help strengthen asset-backed pension arrangements and improve retirement outcomes in a post-COVID world. The publication also discusses the short- and long-term impact of COVID-19 on mortality, and the role that assets earmarked for retirement could play in the post-COVID recovery.

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