PISA 2025 Foreign Language - Content of the Assessment


‌‌The framework used to guide instrument development is currently being developed and will be published in 2021.

With the objective of using the ample and relevant experience that already exists in foreign language assessments, the FLA’s cognitive framework and test will be based on two pre-existing frameworks in a complementary way:

  • the socio-cognitive model of language usebased on Weir’s model of test validation [2] and its extension and implementation in the context of the four language skills by other authors, a well-established framework that  has been applied to a wide variety of language assessment contexts around the world.


  The levels covered in the 2025 cycle will be from A1 to C1, and the possible inclusion of level pre-A1 will be explored.     The background questionnaires framework is being developed for PISA by a group of international language experts. It is divided in 4 policy domains and 2 transversal topics:  


Policy domains

Transversal topics






[1] For more information, please visit:

[2] Weir, C. J. (2005), Language Testing and Validation: An Evidence- Based Approach, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.


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