OECD Roundtable on Higher Education in Regional and City Development 2012


OECD Roundtable on Higher Education in Regional and City Development 

"Universities for skills, entrepreneurship, innovation and growth"


19-20 September 2012

OECD, Paris




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Skills, entrepreneurship, innovation and growth are at the forefront of national, regional and local agendas. Universities and other higher education institutions (HEIs) are key actors in generating relevant skills, knowledge and innovation that help national and local economies grow. By mobilising HEIs for socio-economic development, cities and regions can become leaders in global knowledge economy and pioneers of stronger, fairer and greener development.

The 2012 Roundtable on Higher Education in Regional and City Development focussed on skills, local development and innovation. The roundtable built on the Reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development and highlighted related OECD work. It was organised in collaboration with the OECD Directorate of Education, Directorate of Science Technology and Industry, particularly the IHERD programme, and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development.

With nearly 140 participants, the roundtable provided an informal forum for a wide variety of participants from higher education, local/regional and national governments and agencies, business and industry and civil society.




Since 2005, the OECD has reviewed the role and impact of higher education in more than 30 cities and regions in 20+ countries. The Reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development have stretched over six continents, involved hundreds of universities and other higher education institutions (HEIs) and embraced a diverse set of policy frameworks in education, science and technology, and territorial development. They have helped local, regional and national governments to mobilise higher education for skills, innovation and entrepreneurship. They have brought HEIs and public and private agencies together to identify strategic goals and to work towards them. The reviews have been carried in collaboration with international organisations such as the World Bank, IIEP/UNESCO, Lumina Foundation, NCHEMS and experts from diverse academic and geographical backgrounds.


Read more about the reviews.


The aims


The objectives of the roundtable were:

  • to learn and share experiences about the OECD reviews of higher education in regional and city development
  • to provide opportunities for shared learning between the governments at different level and HEIs
  • to discuss the key themes arising from the reviews and related OECD work
  • to highlight new OECD work in skills, innovation and entrepreneurship.



The agenda and presentations are available here.


Who's Who?


Speakers and contributors included OECD staff and representatives from national, regional and local governments, universities and other HEIs, international organisations and university associations. To see the list of speakers and their short biographies, please click here.


Further information


Contact Jaana Puukka, Project Leader and Analyst, OECD work on Higher Education in Cities and Regions (jaana.puukka@oecd.org; tel. +33 1 45 24 16 61).


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