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The reports for Wroclaw (Poland) and Sonora (Mexico) have now been published!


Reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development are the OECD’s vehicle to mobilise higher education for economic, social and cultural development of cities and regions. They analyse how the higher education system impacts upon regional and local development. In addition, they facilitate stronger collaborative work and capacity building.





review reports of the first round

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 review reports of the second round


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In 2004-07, the OECD conducted the first round of reviews in 14 regions in 12 countries. This resulted in the OECD flagship publication Higher Education and Regions: Globally Competitive, Locally Engaged with recommendations to benefit both HEIs and national and regional governments. In 2008-11, the second round reached out to 14 cities and regions in 11 countries. In 2010-12 new regions signed up for the final third round of Reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development. and their review reports will contribute to the forthcoming publication Higher Education in Cities and Regions - For Stronger, Cleaner and Fairer Regions.

Read also about the Higher Education in City and Regional Development Roundtable 2012 that took place on 19-20 September in Paris. 


Brochure on the Reviews of Higher Education in Cities and Regions

(Available in English, Spanish and French)


The purpose of the reviews is to provide HEIs, regional and national authorities, and policy makers with information and analysis to assist them in formulating and implementing policies to mobilise higher education for social, economic and cultural development.
The reviews aim:

  • To extend the knowledge base of higher education in economic, social and cultural development at regional level
  • To develop and reinforce partnerships between HEIs and business and industry and other social partners
  • To assist HEIs to articulate their mission, develop their management, evaluate their contribution and contribute to their viability
  • To develop reliable indicators and system-level and individual incentives for regional engagement 



Benefits to the region and HEIs


The OECD review will bring concrete rewards, such as:

  •   Tailored advice and guidance in practice and policy from the OECD-led expert team
  •   Stronger partnerships 
  •   New funding sources, projects and co-operation opportunities between HEIs and industry, etc. 
  •   Enhanced visibility and PR for the region and its HEIs 
  •   International benchmarking and networking

These are only some of the benefits that participating regions and their HEIs have reported. The review can start a positive change process within the region by drawing the different stakeholders together.


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