Expert Seminar: "Independence and Integrity of the Judiciary", 28-29 June 2012, Istanbul, Turkey


The OECD held a regional seminar "Independence and Integrity of the Judiciary" on 28-29 June 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. The seminar brought together more than 60 judges and experts from Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as other regions, including OECD countries to exchange experience and good practices regarding independence and integrity of the judiciary. The seminar was co-organised and hosted by the Ministry of Justice and the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors of Turkey.


The topics of the seminar include:

  • How to ensure the independence of the judiciary
  • How to promote integrity among judges
  • How to ensure transparency and accountability of the judiciary



For further information, please contact the Secretariat of the OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia; Tel: +33 1 45 24 13 19. 



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