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Safety of novel foods and feeds and on the harmonisation of regulatory oversight in biotechnology


The OECD work on biosafety and food/feed safety assessment aims to assist countries in evaluating the potential risks of transgenic products, ensure high safety standards, and foster mutual understanding of relevant regulations. The brochure presents the activities of the "Working Group on the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds” and the "Working Group on Harmonisation of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology".

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Safflower and potato composition

Recent developments in delegations on Biosafety and Novel Food/Feed Safety

These two documents compile information on activities related to the assessment of the safety of products derived from modern biotechnology, environmental safety (biosafety) and the safety of novel foods and feeds, at the international level between April 2021 and May 2022. The information was provided by OECD Members, partner countries and observer organisations participating in the work, prepared for the ‘Tour de Table’ of their annual meetings held in May 2022.

Intended for yearly publication, these series of reports will provide regular updates on recent developments in delegations and will constitute a useful reference to the wider biotechnology community.



Both programmes aim to contribute to the assessment of the safety of products derived from modern biotechnology, a challenging issue as genetically engineered crops are increasingly cultivated worldwide and as human foods and animal feeds derived from such crops are marketed.

The OECD work deals also with plants, trees, animals or microorganisms where modern biotechnology is applied.

Participating countries and observers work together to harmonise approaches and share information used in risk/safety assessment.

The "consensus documents” constitute the main output of the work, as practical and science-based tools relevant to risk/safety assessors and regulators:


OECD at the 2016 convention on biological diversity (COP13)




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