OECD at Stockholm World Water Week 2021

23 - 27 August 2021
See timing below*

The OECD will be actively participating in the 2021 World Water Week on the theme “Building Resilience Faster” through a series of events and by taking part in a number of workshops and seminars throughout the week:

Main OECD events

Wednesday 25 August 

  • Session: Collaborate to establish a Global Observatory on Financing Water (18h30-19h55 CET | Virtual)
    This session will be an opportunity to collaborate on the establishment of a global Observatory on Financing Water Supply, Sanitation and Water Security. The Observatory would provide a unique repository of good practice, peer-to-peer learning and horizon scanning for new developments related to financing water.

Thursday 26 August

  • Session: How Water Can Drive a Green, Resilient & Inclusive Recovery (15h-16h00 CET | Virtual)
    The session will present key findings of new joint analytical work by the OECD and the World Bank distilling evidence on how water can contribute to a green, resilient and inclusive recovery and examples of transformational action on the ground. Participants will be invited to share their perspective on and experience with the role of water in driving the recovery.

Friday 27 August

  • Session: Keeping Economies above water: Water resilience as National Economic Strategy (10h-11h00 CET | Virtual)
    How can we plan for national economic resilience? In most countries, we lack effective, coherent, and credible strategies for economic resilience across sectors, regions, and levels of governance. Water resilience is one approach to negotiate tradeoffs and avoid traps, even under climatic, pandemic, and economic change and uncertainty.

  • Session: Blended finance for water and climate: when theory meets practice (14h30-15h55 CET | Virtual)
    Vast additional public and private funds will be required to deliver the Paris Agreement and the SDGs. Blended finance is an important financing solution to accelerate action, but it has not reached scale for water-related investments. This session will discuss lessons learned and how to overcome barriers to scale blended finance.

Other OECD speaking events

Monday 23 August

  • Session: Best practices in Innnovative Water Financing in Asia-Pacific (10h-11h00 CET | Virtual)
    Climate change adaptation and resilience are critical to advance water security, inclusive economic development, and SDGs despite shocks and stresses like COVID-19. Development partners will present a variety of current initiatives towards upscaling and mainstreaming of investments in climate resilience and water security across Asia and the Pacific.