OECD at Stockholm World Water Week

27 Augt - 1 Sept 2017
See timing below*

Stockholm World Water Week theme: Water and Waste: Reduce and Reuse

A series of events discussed policies to manage water pollution, recent developments in financing investment in water security, and further work on water governance.

Main OECD events

Sunday 27 August  (11h-17h30, Room: FH 300)

  • Session I: Opportunities and limits to command and control approaches to water pollution management (11h-12h30)
  • Session II: The Challenge of managing contaminants of emerging concern (14h-15h30)
  • Session III: A Holistic view to pollution management from source-to-sea (16h-17h30)

Monday 28 August Event: The Roundtable on Financing Water (16h-17h30, Room: NL Pillar Hall)

Thursday 31 August  (9h-15h30, Room: FH202)

  • Session I: Revitalizing water governance concepts towards 2030 (9h–10h30)
  • Session II: Urban water, reuse and wastewater: governance a building block to better practices (11h-12h30)
  • Session III: Integrity and water pollution: the missing link? (14h–15h30)

Other OECD speaking events

Sunday 27 August Event: From Global Policy to Local Project: Managing Water through NDCs (16h-17h30, Room: NL Auditorium)

Tuesday 29 August Closed meeting: Improving the integration and coordination of the work of the United Nations on the water-related goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Wednesday 30 August Seminar: Wastewater and Health - Managing risks, seizing opportunities: Setting the scene (9h-10h30, Room: FH300)

Thursday 31 August Event: Ensuring adaptation through insurance: Mainstreaming resilient nature-based water management (9h-10h30, Room: FH 307)

Thursday 31 August Event: Private finance and equitable delivery of WASH services (11h-12h30, Room: FH 300)

Thursday 31 August Seminar: Financing wastewater treatment and resource recovery (11h-12h30, Room: NL Music Hall)