Enhancing efficiency and sustainability of Water Supply and Sanitation

15-16 June 2021
Joint workshop

The OECD jointly with EC DG Reform and the Governments of Estonia and Lithuania held an international workshop on Enhancing efficiency and sustainability of Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) provision on 15-16 June.

This workshop was organised in the framework of the program funded by the European Union to support Estonia and Lithuania in the area of the water sector reform and further consolidation of WSS services.

Assuming consolidation of service provision is the way forward, the main objective of the workshop was to discuss the international experience in this area and the issues associated with this process.

The program of the 2-day event was organised around 5 thematic sessions during which the practitioners from the 12 EU Member States, the UK and neighbouring countries with relevant experience with similar reforms shared their experience and lessons learnt. The workshop discussed: how to plan investment, taking into consideration economies of scale; the role of WSS tariff structure and economic incentives; how to benchmark the performance of utilities to drive efficiency and incentivise agglomeration of service provision; the distinctive issues in small and rural settlements.

About 150 practitioners from 12 EU Member States, the UK and the Eastern Europe discussed the challenges with consolidation of WSS service provision and associated regulatory aspects. 


Tuesday 15 June

Item 1. Role of strategic planning for WSS provision

Item 2. Potential of inter-municipal cooperation and consolidation modalities

 Item 3. The virtuous cycle of consolidation – a 25-years journey 

Wednesday 16 June

Item 4. Enhancing regulatory system for WSS service provision

Item 5. Zoom-in on challenges in small and rural municipalities