Intra-Regional Mobility in West Africa


Migration within the region represents about 90% of total migration in West Africa. This intra-regional migration is at least seven times greater than migration flows to Europe. Despite the lack of reliable statistics, West Africa appears to be a very diverse and culturally mixed region.

North African and West African migration

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Emigration to Developped Countries

  • Today there are approximately 200 million migrants worldwide, representing 3% of the world population;
  • Half of the 200 million live in OECD member countries, the other half in OECD non-member countries;
  • 40 million of the 100 million migrants living in OECD member countries originate from other OECD member country;
  • 7 million of the 60 million migrants with non-OECD origins are Africans;
  • Half of this 7 million are from Sub-Saharan Africa out of which 1.5 million are West Africans.

> For more information, please consult the Web Atlas on Regional Integration in West Africa

Migration : towards a joint West African approach


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