West Africa Long-Term Perspective Study


The purpose of the West Africa Long-Term Perspective Study (WALTPS) is to gain a better understanding of the main trends that have dictated change in the region over the past half a century or so, and to reflect upon the direction of change over the next three decades. The aim is to arrive at a set of hypotheses regarding the direction of future change, in order to develop a sketch of the region around the year 2020.

The book is divided into three chapters, illustrated with various maps and diagrams:

  • Chapter 1 - West Afrcia undergoing long-term change
  • Chapter 2 - A frame of reference for the future
  • Chapter 3 - Current challenges

The first edition was prepared and edited by Jean-Marie Cour et Serge Snrech in 1998.


> download the first WALTPS edition  (6,8 Mb)


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