The ECOWAS Cross-Border Initiatives Programme


The Cross-Border Initiatives Programme’s (CIP) aim consists of compiling, coordinating and formalising West African cross-border initiatives to increase cooperation frameworks on intracommunity borders.

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Since its creation, three Memoranda on the CIP have been adopted by ECOWAS: 

ECOWAS Memorandum 1 : “Cross-Border" Concept or Local Integration

The first ECOWAS memorandum on cross-border co-operation, approved by the ECOWAS Foreign Ministers at the Ministerial Meeting in Accra (Ghana) on 18 January 2005, describes the origins and the content of the “cross-border” concept. It highlights the importance of local cross-border co-operation as an engine for regional integration processes. ECOWAS continues however to play an important role as its regional mandate allows it to go beyond any division that may exist between Member States or between populations. ECOWAS should therefore promote the “cross-border” concept and assure its implementation in the years to come.

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ECOWAS Memorandum 2: “Assessment and Perspective of the Implementation of the Cross-Border Initiatives Programme”

In this second Memorandum, approved at the ECOWAS Ministerial meeting in Niamey (Niger) on 9 January 2006, the Executive Secretary asked Member States to support the implementation of the Cross-Border Initiatives Programme (CIP) which would introduce the “cross-border” concept to ECOWAS’ agenda. It also takes stock on the implementation of the Cross-Border Initiatives Programme (CIP) since 2005.The Memorandum proposes to willing Member States to promote joint development projects between populations living on either side of a border.

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ECOWAS Memorandum 3: “Cross-Border Initiatives Programme”

The third ECOWAS Memorandum on the Cross-Border Initiatives Programme (CIP) presents to member States the progress accomplished in the area of cross-border co-operation, and proposes new perspectives. It also recalls the main features and definition of cross-border co-operation. The third Memorandum was approved at the ECOWAS Ministerial Conference in Ouagadouou (Burkina Faso) on 18-19 December 2006.

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