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Food and nutrition situation in West Africa

RPCA restricted meeting, 8-9 April 2021

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Conflict Networks in North and West Africa

The latest report on security – Conflict Networks in North and West Africa, has just been launched at a meeting of the Coalition for the Sahel.

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Maps & Facts

Food system transformations in the Sahel and West Africa

The most recent "Maps & Facts" issue focuses on food system transformations and implications for people and policies in the region. It provides an useful overview of some of the main issues of food system transformations in the Sahel and West Africa.


How is life in your city?

We surveyed more than 4 000 young people across 17 countries and 27 cities in West Africa and the Sahel to find out how they feel about their cities. Here are the first results.

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Global virus, local realities

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is unfolding as the region faces a food crisis of exceptional magnitude and high levels of insecurity. This webpage features updated data, analyses and articles on the situation.

Image: Tabassy Baro

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Maps & Facts

Food and Nutrition Crisis 2020: Analyses & Responses

The food and nutrition crisis of 2020 will be remembered as one of the most serious in recent decades. Behind the figures that the reader will come across in this brochure there are lives at risk, women in distress, and children whose stunted growth is compromising their prospects of leading a dignified life.

Photo: K. Sulaimon/AFP

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Food and nutrition security

Image: Julia Wanjiru

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Food systems

Image: Ruth McDowall

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Cities and urbanisation

Image: Daouda Corera

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