OECD Integrity Review of Mexico City

Upgrading the Local Anti-corruption System

This report provides an assessment of Mexico City’s Local Anticorruption System (LACS). Based on international best practices and the OECD Recommendation on Public Integrity, the report reviews the institutional and co-ordination arrangements of the LACS; its regulatory framework; and the tools, programmes and processes necessary for a strategic approach to public integrity. It provides concrete suggestions for enhancing the design and implementation of the system, including cultivating a culture of integrity in government, the private sector and society; improving internal control and risk management; and upgrading public procurement policies to ensure value for money. If effective, the LACS has the potential not only to improve governance, deter corruption and boost citizen’s trust in Mexico City, but also to influence the integrity culture in the country as a whole.

Published on February 12, 2019Also available in: Spanish

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Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Laying the groundwork for a coherent integrity system in Mexico City
Developing a strategic approach to public integrity in Mexico City
Building a culture of integrity in Mexico City
Creating an open organisational culture in the public sector in Mexico City
Cultivating a culture of public integrity: A challenge for Mexico City
Improving internal control and risk management in Mexico City
Enhancing integrity in public procurement in Mexico City
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