Chemical safety and biosafety

40th Anniversary of the OECD Chemicals Programme






2011 was the 40th anniversary of work on chemical safety at OECD. Since the establishment of the first chemicals safety work in 1971 the work has grown into the Environment, Health and Safety programme (EHS), which today includes work on chemicals, pesticides and biotechnology.



Brochure: 40 Years of Chemical Safety at the OECD


OECD held special event to mark this occasion on 15th June. It was a great opportunity to look back and reflect on those aspects of the work which have been a success over the years and those on which the programme can build on. At the same time, it was than an opportunity to look back. It also provided a context in which to address those opportunities and challenges which have yet to be met within the EHS programme of work and within the context of the wider directions and priorities of the OECD as a whole. With this in mind, the event covered two specific themes: i) New Approaches to Testing and Assessment - ensuring safety and efficiency; and ii) Challenges to the Substitution of Harmful Chemicals.


The OECD Environment, Health And Safety Programme: Achievements, Strengths and Opportunities



For more information on the Environment, Health ans Safety programme here at the OECD please see this brochure (2009).


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