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OECD Guidelines for Citizen Participation Processes

The OECD Guidelines for Citizen Participation Processes are intended for any public official or public institution interested in carrying out a citizen participation process. The guidelines describe ten steps for designing, planning, implementing and evaluating a citizen participation process, and discuss eight different methods for involving citizens: information and data, open meetings, public consultations, open innovation, citizen science, civic monitoring, participatory budgeting and representative deliberative processes. The guidelines are illustrated with examples as well as practical guidance built on evidence gathered by the OECD. Finally, nine guiding principles are presented to help ensure the quality of these processes.

Published on September 24, 2022Also available in: Spanish

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Reader’s guide
Executive summary
Citizen participation: Why and when to involve citizens?
Planning, implementing, and evaluating a citizen participation process
Ensuring quality of participation: Guiding Principles for Citizen Participation Processes
Useful resources
Checklist for designing and planning a citizen participation process
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