Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector


Mexico's National Auditing System

Strengthening Accountable Governance

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the OECD review of Mexico’s national auditing system, with a focus on the Auditoria Superior de la Federación (ASF), the supreme audit institution. Reforms in Mexico have revamped the country’s institutional architecture and created several systems for strengthening accountability, integrity and transparency. The report highlights strategic considerations for the national auditing system and the ASF, examines the national and subnational dimensions of auditing in Mexico, and suggests ways for the ASF to enhance the impact and relevance of its work.

Published on January 13, 2017Also available in: Spanish

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Foreword and acknowledgements
Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Designing a strategy built on the strengths of Mexico's National Auditing System (SNF)
National and sub-national dimensions of auditing in Mexico
Mexico's supreme audit institution as a catalyst for better governance
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