Strengthening conditions to attract finance and investment in clean energy

Our work in India

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation (CEFIM) programme builds upon the OECD’s strong engagement with India and supports the country in unlocking finance and investment flows to achieve its clean energy targets. The programme draws on extensive stakeholder engagement and will provide tailored recommendations through a Clean Energy Finance and Investment Roadmap, as well as through implementation-support activities and investor dialogues. This will be complemented by regional peer-learning activities.  

New: Global experience in catalysing renewable energy finance and investment

This online compendium considers global experiences in the design and implementation of financing mechanisms that have been used to encourage and catalyse renewable energy investment.

These examples consider different financial instruments, including elements within their design, that could be applied to India’s bourgeoning renewable energy market.

The following cases consider how each financing mechanism was configured and applied. While the specific examples may not apply directly to the Indian context, they provide practical insights to strategies that can be tailored to other market needs.

Emphasis is placed on how the interventions have helped to improve access to finance, mitigate investment risk and increase the opportunities to scale-up private capital for renewable energy projects.

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