Conferences and webinars

Conferences and Webinars

The OECD Career Readiness project holds an annual conference as well as semi-regular webinars. These online events include both presentations from the OECD research team and contributions from policy makers, practitioners and researchers around the world.

Our 2021 Conference

Held over three days, from October 27-29, 2021, the first OECD Career Readiness international conference Disrupted Futures: International lessons on how schools can best equip students for their working lives included 33 papers from 14 countries. The conference was attended by 521 people from 59 different countries.

During the opening plenary session, OECD Director of Education and Skills, Andreas Schleicher, with his colleagues Catalina Covacevich and Anthony Mann presented findings from an unprecedented review of national longitudinal datasets from ten countries (Australia, Canada, People’s Republic of China, Denmark, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay). Analysis explores how teenage attitudes and experiences relate to employment outcomes ten years later. The work confirms 11 indicators of better employment outcomes linked to how students explore, experience and think about potential futures in work, providing new insights for countries and schools looking to optimise career guidance. Following the presentation of the results, an expert panel discussed the implications for policy and practice and the session concluded with a presentation on how schools can engage effectively and efficiently with employers.

Panelists and discussants:

  • David L. Blustein – Professor of Counselling Psychology, Boston College
  • Hanka Boldemann – Executive Director Jobs & Skills International, Global Philanthropy at the J.P. Morgan Foundation
  • Gert van Brussel – President of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG)
  • Nick Chambers – CEO, Education and Employers
  • Sareena Hopkins – Executive Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation and a Board member of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP)
  • Deirdre Hughes – Co-editor of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling: International Symposium Series