Future-proofing Adult Learning in Cities

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Labour markets are changing. The jobs available and the skills required to perform them are shifting at an ever-faster pace. Due to the diverse impact of global economic changes, cities and local governments play a vital role in creating adult learning systems that help people develop and maintain relevant skills, and make societies more resilient.

The OECD, in collaboration with the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, is developing an ambitious programme to support city-level policy makers and practitioners in the design, management, and implementation of adult learning policies and programmes.

OECD City Network on Jobs and Skills

The OECD City Network on Jobs and Skills supports policymakers and practitioners from Europe and the United States in effectively addressing labour market challenges through peer-to-peer learning network. The network is composed of more than 25 representatives from Berlin, Boston Cork, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, San Diego and Stockholm. The network provides cities with a long-lasting platform for mutual learning opportunities and innovative ideas on how to improve local skills systems based on lessons learned from other cities. Network members exchange on a wide range of topics such as digital skills and inclusion, green skills and jobs, building local partnerships, preparing youth for the world of work and reducing unemployment and inactivity in disadvantaged communities. To foster peer exchange and learning opportunities, meetings take different formats including workshops, study visits, and capacity-building activities. See below for more details on recent events ⬇️

P.L.A.C.E.S. - Providing Local Actors with Case Studies, Evidence and Solutions

PLACES-PortalAs part of the OECD’s Local Development Forum, the new P.L.A.C.E.S. web portal is a searchable library of best practices from communities across the world, as well as policy briefs with the latest OECD evidence on key topics related to local development.

Help us expand this portal by contributing your own local case studies and best practices!

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Events, meetings and webinars


OECD City Network on Jobs and Skills


Meeting on 7 May 2024

Presentions: Madrid | London | New Orleans | Milan | OECD Briefing | Next steps


Meeting on Digital skills and digital inclusion (Paris, 29 November – 1 December 2023) 

Agenda (including presentations) | Summary | Briefing Note

During a three-day event, network members discussed common challenges and opportunities in developing basic digital skills for all, making tech occupations more inclusive and preparing youth for the world of work. Among the highlights:

✔️ Participation in the Diversi’Tech event hosted by the Paris Deputy Mayor, celebrating diversity and inclusion in tech

✔️ A workshop to share cities experiences, learn from experts and find innovative solutions

✔️ A visit to the tech school Konexio and the community organisation Centre Picoulet

Adult learning, Berlin

This report shows novel measures on demand for digital skills and automation risks and makes suggestions on how to include vulnerable groups in learning.

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Skills policy manual

To support local governments in their efforts to future-proof adult learning systems, this policy manual presents a range of policy options and concrete actions that can inspire and guide work at the local level.

R‌ead the policy manual

Adult Learning, London

37% of Londoners work in jobs that do not match their qualifications. Effective adult learning could help London alleviate large skills gaps and mismatches.

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15-17 February 2022 OECD Local Skills Week: Future-Proofing Local Skills Systems

Across the OECD, labour markets are tightening and more than 2 out of 5 employers state they have difficulties filling jobs. People require training, reskilling and upskilling now more than ever to fill these gaps. Read the highlights and listen to the replays to find out how local communities can respond to this urgent call for solutions.

Highlights & replays

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