CEFIM activities

Strengthening conditions to attract finance and investment in clean energy

The OECD Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation (CEFIM) programme supports finance and investment in clean energy in emerging economies. Programme activities are designed according to the specific needs of each country, and can include the following:

Clean energy finance and investment review


  • applies analytical framework through flexible and demand-driven approach

  • builds on OECD experience with Investment Policy and Environmental Performance Reviews

  • undertakes a holistic analysis of policy areas that affect the finance and investment environment for clean energy

  • considers how policies reinforce each other

Clean energy finance and investment roadmap


  • leverages OECD convening power and brings together the domestic and international finance ecosystem for an implementable strategy to scale clean energy finance and investment

  • sets actions and time-bound milestones for related actors

  • provides recommendations for new financing mechanisms and innovative business models based on international experience

  • identifies near-term investment opportunities


The Roadmap also outlines opportunities to tailor market and policy interventions to unlock further private finance, and it evaluates the need to develop additional investment vehicles able to attract international institutional capital at suitable scales.

Implementation support activities


  • provide analytical support for development of policies to attract private capital, including accessing financial instruments to maximise use of limited public and development funds

  • formulate strategies to decarbonise industry and buildings, with a focus on accelerating energy efficiency adoption

  • develop tool kits to track clean energy finance and investment flows

  • strengthen capacity through trainings, workshops and policy dialogues

Investor dialogues


  • highlight clean energy investment opportunities and attract new investors

  • co-ordinate action with stakeholders

  • facilitate matchmaking opportunities by bringing together investors, project developers and policy makers

Sharing best practices to scale up clean energy finance and investment


  • support peer learning and regional dialogues to identify common challenges and share best practices

  • co-ordinate action with development partners, international and domestic investors, non-governmental organisations, think tanks and research centres

  • apply OECD expertise and experiences in clean energy finance and investment