The Regulation of Lobbying in Quebec, Canada

Strengthening a Culture of Transparency and Integrity

This report provides an analysis of the framework in place to strengthen the transparency and integrity of lobbying in Quebec, Canada. The report also assesses the reform project proposed by the Commissioner of Lobbying in 2019, by benchmarking it against the OECD Recommendation on Principles for Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying, as well as good practices in OECD countries. The report highlights how to address governance concerns related to lobbying, and identifies concrete and tailored solutions to further strengthen a culture of transparency and integrity in the policy-making process.

Published on July 06, 2022Also available in: French

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Executive summary
A legislative and regulatory framework adapted to the socio-political and administrative context of Quebec
An approach to transparency of lobbying activities based on the relevance of the information declared 
Promote a culture of integrity in the interactions between public officials and lobbyists in Quebec
Statement of Principles of the Québec Commissioner of Lobbying (2019)
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