Anticipatory Innovation Governance Model in Finland

Towards a New Way of Governing

This report examined how Finland has been incorporating anticipatory functions within its governance system to deal with complex and future challenges in a systemic way. The report applies a new model of anticipatory innovation governance (AIG), developed by the OECD, addressing a considerable gap in prior knowledge and guidance on how governments prepare for unknowable futures. It consists of three parts: an overview of the anticipatory innovation governance model; the assessment of the anticipatory innovation capacity of the Finnish Government; and the pilot case studies, where the principles and functions of the model are explored in practice.

Available from October 06, 2022

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Executive summary
Glossary of terms
Anticipatory innovation governance model3 chapters available
Need for a new future-oriented model of governance
Anticipatory innovation governance
Revised model of anticipatory innovation governance
Assessment of the Finnish Government system and its ability to anticipate3 chapters available
Finland – a country where governance matters
Methodology and purpose of the assessment
Assessment of the Finnish Governance system and its anticipatory capacity
Pilot case studies7 chapters available
Pilot selection and methodology
Summary findings and comparison of the pilot case studies
Towards a model for the anticipatory governance of continuous learning in Finland
Carbon neutrality and evidence about the future in fiscal and economic policy
Child well-being in Finland’s welfare service counties
Collaboration between politicians and public officials in the field of anticipatory innovation
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