Digital Government in Mexico

Sustainable and Inclusive Transformation

Digital Government in Mexico discusses and assesses the efforts of the Mexican Government to build a stronger system of digital government under the Coordination of the National Digital Strategy of the Office of the President. It presents the key policy actions, achievements and co-ordination challenges, and looks at how policy objectives are implemented. The study examines the main initiatives for promoting digital inclusion, reinforcing public sector capacity, and achieving efficient public service design and delivery. This report also assesses the state of data governance, open government data and its strategic use, and the sharing of public sector data both within and beyond the public sector.

Published on January 06, 2020

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Executive summary
Assessment and Recommendations
The case for a digital government in Mexico
The evolution from e-government to digital government in Mexico
Governance for sustainable and inclusive digital government
Strides towards a digital and user-driven administration in Mexico
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