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Open Government Review of Romania

The Open Government Review provides an evidence-based assessment of the country’s open government agenda against the ten provisions of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government. The review takes stock of past reform efforts and provides guidance for Romania in designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating an integrated policy agenda to improve the relationship between government and citizens and the way they interact. In particular, this review highlights areas of opportunity for Romania regarding transparency, citizen and stakeholder participation, and creating an open state. Moreover, it outlines steps towards the design of the country’s first open government strategy, including an improved system of monitoring and evaluation.

Available from July 07, 2023

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Executive summary
Assessment and recommendations
Setting the scene: The context and drivers for open government in Romania
Methodology: The OECD approach to assessing open government reforms in Romania
Implementing the legal framework for open government: Towards a more transparent and participatory government in Romania
Creating an enabling environment for an Open Government Strategy in Romania
Taking a strategic approach to open government in Romania: Towards an Open Government Strategy
Monitoring and evaluating openness: Towards stronger impact of open government reforms
Towards an open state in Romania: Expanding the benefits of an open government across the state
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