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The Geography of Higher Education


The Geography of Higher Education (GoHE) aims to improve understanding of how Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are generating value for their surrounding communities and networks. In particular, GoHE focuses on the impact of national Higher Education policies in empowering communities and individuals by responding to the needs of regions and cities.

Report: Evaluation of the Academy for Smart Specialisation

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The Academy for Smart Specialisation, at the Karlstad University in Sweden, shows what a place-responsive HEI does to generate skills and services promoting innovation and sustainability, in its ecosystem. The report is the first of the “Geography of higher education” series, which aims to help fill the gap between academic research/teaching and business/society.

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27th January: Webinar - Can HEIs support transformational innovation within their ecosystems?

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> Official launch of the Report “Evaluation of the Academy for Smart Specialisation” watch the webinar, read the Summary report

> Webseries “In conversation with…”

> Webseries “GoHE and COVID-19: the role of HEIs” Key Lessons paper

> III Triple Helix Summit 2020, Designing globally connected regional innovation ecosystems,
24 27 November 2020

> Remaining our futures : Creating Entrepreneurial Universities, 4 December 2020

> Open Forum DD, Small and Medium Enterprises,
13 December 2020


Webinars and Events

GoHE Webinars and EventsWebseries: “In conversation with…”

The OECD, in collaboration with the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), has organised a series of webinars with prominent international experts to discuss the relationship between higher education and their innovation ecosystems, also known as the Geography of Higher Education (#GoHE).

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Webseries with ERIA: 
GoHE and COVID-19: the role of HEIs”


HEI; GeographyHEI;

Evaluation of the Academy for
Smart Specialisation

GoHE HEIs and COVID-19 Webinar

How the Covid-19 pandemic has 
affected the role of HEIs vis-à-vis 
their ecosystems and networks


GoHE workshop KEC Rectangle

An ecosytem approach to
Knowledge exchange and Collaboration

Expert workshop, 13-14 February 2020, Paris



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