Incorporating environmental provisions in regional trade agreements in chapters and articles dealing with trade in services

This report explores ways in which regional trade agreements (RTAs) can incorporate environmental objectives in chapters and articles related to trade in services. In particular, the analysis builds on a review of existing provisions in recent RTAs aiming at fostering deep economic integration. The report identifies a range of possible options as a way forward, from general commitments to co-operate on environmental goods and services, through horizontal provisions guaranteeing the right to regulate or to protect the environment, to specific commitments on market access and national treatment, or disciplines designed to promote regulatory cooperation and good regulatory practices. These different avenues point to the need for a holistic approach in incorporating environmental considerations in services related provisions. Parties interested in promoting and facilitating trade in environmental services through RTAs would not only need to look at environment and sustainability chapters, but may also wish to do it through specific commitments on market access and national treatment as well as sectoral provisions or annexes on regulatory co-operation.

Published on July 27, 2022

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