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Water Reforms and National Policy Dialogues (NPDs) in Tajikistan


Year of NPD launch:  2009

Present NPD Chair(s) and strategic partners in the government: Ministry of Energy and Water Resources

Source of NPD funding: European Union, Government of Denmark, Government of Finland, Government of Germany, Government of Norway

Summary of the main areas of work and achievements.

Priority areas of work and main activities

  • Design and implementation of a programme for water sector development based on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) principles including basin management.
  • Implementation of Water Supply Programme for 2000-2015, including the reform of water pricing.
  • Strengthening of transboundary water cooperation with Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.


National Policy Dialogues (NPDs)

Since the launch of the NPD, the following achievements can be cited:

  • Development of the Water Sector Reform Programme 2016-2025 for Tajikistan. The aim of the programme is to create a framework by 2020 for the transition to water resource management according to the basin principle and to clarify the competencies of different national institutions.
  • A Programme for Development of Irrigation and Melioration Sector was prepared in 2015-2016.
  • There was a progress in transboundary water diplomacy in basin management with Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. 
  • Targets have been drafted for the application of the Protocol on Water and Health.
  • A training workshop was organised with the Antimonopoly Agency with a view to building capacity quickly to monitor the performance of water utilities, to review proposals for tariff increase by operators and to measure and address affordability issues.

The following meetings and missions have been taking place to assist Tajikistan in the NPD process:

Name of the meeting Date and Place LoP Agenda Minutes
16th Steering Committee meeting 15 February 2023, Dushanbe LoP Agenda -
15th Steering Committee meeting 28 June 2019, Dushanbe LoP Agenda Minutes
14th Steering Committee meeting 30 November 2018, Dushanbe LoP Agenda Minutes
10th Steering Committee meeting 12 April 2016, Dushanbe -  Agenda -
9th Steering Committee meeting 3 December 2015, Dushanbe  -  Agenda  Minutes
8th Steering Committee meeting 12 May 2015, Dushanbe LoP  Agenda  Minutes
7th Steering Committee meeting 13 November 2014, Dushanbe LoP Agenda Minutes
6th Steering Committee meeting 23 May 2014, Dushanbe LoP Agenda -
5th Steering Committee meeting 23 May 2013, Dushanbe LoP Agenda Minutes
4th Steering Committee meeting 15 November 2012, Dushanbe LoP Agenda Minutes


Project Progress

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