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OECD events on climate change

Spotlight on COP27

OECD Virtual Pavilion at COP27 | 27 October - 18 November 2022

Drawing on OECD analysis and data, the OECD COP27 Virtual Pavilion showcases a range of events and resources on topics including: financing the net-zero transition, mitigating GHG in the agriculture and food sector, adapting to climate change, carbon prices, innovation, sustainable mobility and more.

Green innovation at the GGSD Forum

OECD Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum: Green innovation and the impact of double economic shocks | 22-23 November 2022

The Forum discussed how recent developments affect mission-oriented approaches for green innovation and the role that low-carbon hydrogen and the bio-economy sectors could play in a sustainable recovery. It also looked at specific challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs, and the lessons learnt from the international scientific co-operation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) efforts to address environmental degradation.

Recent events

  Green Talks LIVE - Taming Wildfires in the Context of Climate Change | Sept 2023

  Expert Workshop on Environmental Sustainability: Climate change indicators for evidence-based policy making in Latin America and the Caribbean | July 2023

  Watch the replay of the Green Talks LIVE: How Green is Household Behaviour? | June 2023

  Webinar: Challenges and best practices in financing to accelerate industry decarbonisation | June 2023

  Launch of the report "Taming Wildfires in the Context of Climate Change", International Wildland Fire Conference, Portugal | May 2023

  Launch of the Synthesis report "Net Zero+: Climate and Economic Resilience in a Changing World", OECD | May 2023

  Conference: Investment treaties, the Paris Agreement and Net Zero: Towards alignment? | April 2023

  OECD-INSPIRE workshop: Assessing biodiversity-related risks, impacts and dependencies in the financial sector | March 2023

  Green Talks LIVE: The Gender-Environment Nexus | March 2023

  3rd LAC Regional Policy Dialogue on Environmental Sustainability: Addressing Climate Change Adaptation in Latin America and the Caribbean | March 2023

  Workshop on Metrics for Climate Transition and Net-Zero GHGs in Finance | February 2023

  OECD Green Talks LIVE replay: Moving the world economy to net zero - Role of transition finance and planning | February 2023

  Global Forum on Responsible Business Conducttitive Policies for a Sustainable Economy | February 2023

  High-Level Symposium on Pro-Competitive Policies for a Sustainable Economy | January 2023

  OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment | October 2022

  OECD Workshop on Climate Transition Scenarios: Integrating models into risk assessment under uncertainty and the cost of delayed action | July 2022

  Labour markets post-COVID: Are we emerging greener and more inclusive? OECD Employment and Labour Ministerial Meeting | June 2022

  High-Level Roundtable on Climate Change and Corporate Governance - OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, Paris | June 2022

  Replay: DevCom & Africa Communications Week’s Webinar - Africa's Agency On The Global Climate Stage: What Role For Strategic Communication? | May 2022

 Conference on investment treaties and climate change | May 2022

 15th Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains | May 2022

 6th OECD Southeast Asia Regional Programme's Policy Network Meeting on Sustainable Infrastructure | April 2022

 4th Meeting of the Task Force on Climate Change Adaptation (TFCCA) | March 2022

 Replay: OECD iLibrary and the OECD Washington Center webinar: Post-COP26 – Driving Climate Action | February 2022

  Events replay: OECD COP26 Virtual Pavilion | November 2021